Offering specialised servers optimised for low-latency high-frequency trading (HFT) and advanced AI/ML applications, including leading brands like HPE and Dell.

Core infrastructure servers.

Whether it’s servers to look after your AD, ESXi hosts or development servers that require high core counts, we have servers in a variety range of form factors and density from tier 1 vendors that we can build, test & deploy cost effectively. We can help configure your server for any workload with pre sales consultancy in sizing, as well as proof of concept boxes available on demand.


Ultra-Speed HFT Solutions.

Partnered with the likes of Ciara, Blackcore, ICC & Xenon HFT we are able to deploy your overclocked trading servers pre-configured and delivered to any data center globally with localised support.

Ultra-Fast processing

Customised networking solutions

Robust cooling systems


Next-Gen AI/ML Servers.

Our AI/ML servers are designed to handle complex computational tasks with efficiency and scalability, they facilitate breakthroughs in data-driven decision-making. We work directly with industry leaders like HPE, SuperMicro, Dell, and many more to offer GPU-based systems tailored to power LLM, inference, and ML requirements.

High-Performance computing

Scalable and flexible

Optimised software stack

Supermicro & NVIDIA Partnership

Pre-certified, high-performance
AI servers.

Our collaboration with Supermicro and NVIDIA brings you the best of both worlds – Supermicro’s pre-certified, high-performance AI servers coupled with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise suite, an end-to-end software suite optimised for AI and ML workloads. This powerful combination not only simplifies the deployment of AI applications but also ensures scalability and manageability across your operations.


Maintaining strong connections with an extensive range of trusted partners.

“Working with Options Direct on our global server infrastructure allowed us to reduce delivery times from 3-4 weeks to just a few days.”

- Infrastructure Manager, Maven Securities