Providing a range of storage solutions, including server-based and software-based options, in partnership with leading providers like VAST, ensuring efficient and scalable data management for diverse business needs.


Greater flexibility and agility in managing storage resources.

Software-based storage solutions decouple storage functionality from physical hardware, allowing for greater flexibility and agility in managing storage resources.

Cost savings


Data management capabilities


Customised storage solutions crafted by experts.

At Options Direct, we understand that every business has unique storage requirements. Our team of experts will work with you to design and implement tailored storage solutions that align with your specific needs and objectives.

From initial assessment and planning to deployment and ongoing support, we provide comprehensive consultation and support services to ensure that your storage infrastructure operates at peak performance and reliability.

All-Flash solutions at scale

We can help you consolidate server storage platforms in to one large all-flash storage system at a price point comparable to tape. Helping capital markets firms leverage VAST to accelerate storage requirements at a cost effective price point.

SMB to Enterprise level storage

From small MSA and tape library requirements all the way up to HPE Alletra and Greenlake offerings, we have in-house expertise to size and deploy your storage requirements globally.

Built for AI, HPC & Critical Workloads

Infortend have a wide offering that can cater to AI, HPC & Critical workloads as well as affordable solutions for storage at scale. Let us help you size your storage requirements with Infortrend's cutting edge solutions.

Revolutionary Storage Density

In collaboration with Supermicro for storage solutions, we provide high-performance enterprise storage arrays, flexible software-defined storage, scalable cloud storage services, and advanced data management software to address various storage requirements.


Maintaining strong connections with an extensive range of trusted partners.

“...Options Direct delivered over 1000 end-user devices the very next day to allow us to keep empowering our students...”

- Regent’s College London